Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Day in the Life of a Missionary-12/8/13

So this week has been pretty slow. One thing that I'm learning more than anything on my mission is how to be diligent even when things aren't going so well. We still have no progressing investigators, and our investigators with a baptismal date still haven't come to church, so now we have to push back their baptism. It was been really disappointing to go out and work and feel the spirit in lessons and know that these people know the church is true, yet they aren't coming to church. As a new missionary, I wonder somtimes if I'm even making a difference or if all of my efforts are going in vain. I wonder why no one is progressing, and how I can feel successful in this area. But then I go to the scriptures, I turn to talks by modern day prophets and apostles of the Lord, and I turn to Preach My Gospel. I'm so blessed to have these resources to turn to and remind me that my efforts are never wasted. That I am planting seeds and helping others to feel the spirit. Most of all though, I have been uplifted by my heavenly father. This sunday especially when our investigators didnt' come to church. I was feeling like a failure. But I pleaded to the Lord to help me to be happy, to help me to have success and peace of mind, and that's exactly what He did for me. I felt such peace come over me, and the thoughts of inadequacy went away. I know that my efforst aren't going in vain because of families like the Cortez and the Velasco family. These are less active members who are coming back to church. Sister Velasco even goes out teaching with us, and we took her whole family to church this sunday. The Cortez family have become return members, and we had a really powerful lesson with them on priesthood power, and Brother Cortez is going to bless his family for the first time ever this week. So even when times are hard and I feel like nothing I do is working, God always provides a way. He put me in this area for a reason, and I believe that was to learn how to be hard working even in times of down. I know that I can do hard things, and that everyone can come back to church no matter if they have been offended or have a weak testimony. Only by attending church services can we make friends and be uplifted from each others testimonies. This church is true, I know it now more than I ever have before. I wouldn't be willing to face so much dissappointment each week if I didn't know that this is the only way people can have eternal happiness. I'm grateful for my experiences here on the mission, they are teaching me what matters most, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Thank you so much Mom for the packages I can't wait to open them! And happy birthday to Elyse, Sami, and Bianca! I love you all, and always remember, it's better to look up, God is always there!
Mahal na mahal Kita.
Sister Bangerter

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