Sunday, February 23, 2014

Becoming Filipino 2/23/14

Magandang Hapon sa inyong lahat!
Hello family and friends, I hope that you're all doing well! It was a great week here in Baguio. Well, more like a great weekend haha the week it self was pretty normal, but this weekend was amazing! I have seriously been so blessed and spoiled here in Baguio, I've gotten to experience so many things that I could never even dream of doing. Like for instance, this weekend, we had the special privelage of having a devotional with the Relief Society General President Sister Burton, the Young Women's General First Counselor Sister McKonkie, and the Philippines Area President Elder Nielson come and visit us in Baguio! They gave a devotional on Saturday that was centered on women and our duties to become good mother's and raise a righteous posterity. This is why sisters come back from their missions hungry for that temple marriage haha. I'm telling ya, everything on a mission turns back to marriage and eternal families, so this devotional was no different, but it reminded me of the covenenants that I made at baptism to always remain worthy and endure to the end so that I can raise righteous children in the gospel one day. So the devotional was great, and we even got to shake their hands and hug them at the end! Funny how I had to come all the way to the Philippines to meet some general authorities when I lived in Utah for over a year and even went to general conference ha. I know that these people are truly called and inspired by the Lord, and I'm so grateful that I got to hear their counsel and meet them. But what was even more exciting is that on Sunday, all three of them came to my ward!!! I was so stoked, they all spoke in our sacrament meeting, and then Sister Burton herself taught our RS class! It was so cool to have the general relief society president talk to us so personally and share her experiences and the experiences of other women that she's met around the world. I love this church and the modern day revelation that we receive, and we are so truly blessed to have these church authorities and to feel their love for us no matter where in the world we are.
So this weekend was really great! And this was probably the best Sunday that I've had here so far, not only because of the general authorities that came, but we had 3 of our investigators at church this sunday and a few of our less active families too! Sunday is usually like D-day for us, and I was really scared that our investigators wouldn't come to church because of the Panagbenga parade, but they came!! If I end of getting transferred this week, it was the best Sunday to end on, I got to see the ward progressing and know that I had a hand in helping these people come closer to Christ and gaining a testimony of this gospel.
Sorry, this email is a little bit random and scattered, but it's getting harder to remember what all happens during the week now. But I can definitely tell that I'm becoming more and more filipino now, and I'm starting to forget what America is even like. I seriously forgot what a snowcone was, and then when I saw one I couldn't remember if they had things like that in America or not haha. Also, things that are butter flavored are just normal and delicious, as well as putting cheese on random things like cinnamon rolls, you have to be in the Philippines to understand I guess. Also, I got to see the floats from the Banagbenga (flower festival) and it was awesome, these floats are made entirely of flowers! I'm trying to send pictures, but my SD card is being dumb, so hopefully next week!
Well thanks for your love and prayers everyone! Sadly, I think it's getting to that point on my mission where I'm not getting as many emails and letters, so remember that missionaries need love too! Blessings to those who write me ok :)! And happy birthday shoutouts to Sara, Beljica, and Cara! I love you all and hope that you had fantastic birthdays!
Sige, I hope you all have a great week and remember to be nice to the missionaries!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Bangerter

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