Sunday, March 9, 2014

Best Week Ever! 3/9/14

Kumusta everyone!
Wow so this was an amazing week, and it was only week one of the transfer! Like I said last time, I'm trying to work really hard this transfer cause it will probably be my last one here and I want to leave with no regrets. So we worked probably as hard as we ever have before this week, and really saw the blessings of it. We exceeded our number of lessons for the standard of excellence, got the ok for one of our special case investigators to be baptized, and had one of our investigators at church who was a referral from church headquarters!! At the end of Sunday night when we sent in our stats, we were just so excited, and it really gave us the motivation to have every single week be just like this one. Yes, it is really hard, but seeing the fruits of your labors is probably the best feeling that there is!
Tomorrow will be my 6 month mark of my mission. It really is crazy how fast time flies out here, and it's starting to scare me. Even when I have rough days, there is nowhere else that I'd rather be, I know that for a fact! There is no greater joy than sharing the gospel and watching people progress and change their lives for the better.
Sorry this email is a little bit scattered, but I just wanted to share some quick experiences from the week that really made me realize how much God prepares people for us. One of our investigators is struggling with his smoking addiction. Each time we visit, we review how he's doing, and try to strengthen him by teaching him about the atonement and even fasting. One day this week, we went to teach him, and he had gotten down to 2 ciagarrettes, and fasted for the first time ever! He said that he was so hungry while at work, and said a prayer that God would help him make it through the day. After his prayer, he burped as if he was full hahaha he was so amazed and didn't feel hungry anymore, and now he has a testimony of fasting! So even though he didn't get to 0 cigarettes, he relied on the Lord to help him, God is just the best!
Then our other investigator who we got from church headquarters is just so golden! He truly is one of those people who found us and he is really seraching for the truth. He's been studying the BoM and really likes it, but didn't want to come to church until he did more research, but yesterday, he came to church! I think he really liked it, and the ward totally accepted him in. But the best moment was when Brother Melan, our recent convert, was talking to our investigator about the church and shaing his testimony with him about how he can know that it's true and how it's blessed his life and that he was so grateful for the missionaries. I was amazed, and that's what missions are all about people, bringing people unto Christ!
Ok well I hope you all had an amazing week, I love you all and pray for you everyday! Happy birthday shout outs to Icis and Elder Perez, hope ya'll had a great birthday!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Bangerter
Scriptures of the week: Alma 5:13-15 and Alma 7:23-24

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