Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Times at Pizza Hut 3/17/14

Kumusta Pamilya and mga kaibigan, and Happy St. Patricks Day sa inyong lahat! Not gonna lie, I totally forgot it was St. Patricks day, good thing the only jacket I brought to the Pines was green, so no pinches for me!
Anyways, I hope ya'll had a great week because I sure did! The work here is really progressing, and I love all the people that I teach! We have two people on the road to baptism at the moment, and I really hope that I will still be here to see them get baptized. It truly is amazing to see the gospel change people's lives when they thought there was no way for them to change. For example, the Arellano family. Brother Jean Jean thought there was no way for him to stop his vices and be that good example for his kids that he wanted to be, but now he's totally free of all word of wisdom problems, he's fasting and praying, and you can just see how happy his entire family is each time that we go to teach them. I really love him and his family, and everytime that we go to teach him and he hasn't done the reading yet, he asks if we can wait so that he can read the assignment first, and even goes and reads the scripture verses that are cited in the pamphlet too! Yep, God has prepared him for sure, and I know that the spirit has testified to him that this is the way his life can be changed for the better! Our other investigator getting baptized is the daughter of a less active member that we're trying to reactivate. She's only 13, but she reads her assignments everytime, prays, and loves for us to come and teach her. It's kind of funny because we sang the hymn "In Our Lovely Deseret" one time in a lesson with her, and she absolutely loves this song now! I'm not sure if any of you know this hymn, but it's a little weird and about the word of wisdom haha but it's her favorite now because it's so fast! She always asks for the mabalis song (fast) and we just laugh because it has nothing to do with our lesson anymore, but she wants us to sing it at the beginning and end of our visits haha weird how I now sing a hymn I had never heard of before on almost a daily basis.
Oh, also, this week we had a mission conference, so I got to see my trainer Sister Lazan and my "sister" Sister Spjut again! They're both STL's and they're companions again hah too weird! But the mission conference was really good, Elder Ardern and his wife of the 70 came to talk to us, and they really helped to motivate me in the work. They said that they wanted this to be the turning point in our missions to strive to work harder, to lose ourselves in the work, and give it all we can for the 18 months or 2 years that we are serving. They were right, and I want to really work my hardest here, and be able to go back and remember my mission with no regrets! They also told us of the mission goal for 100 baptisms in the month of May! I know that we can do it, and I'm excited to work my hardest to meet the Lord's expectations for me. The work is great here and I love being a missionary!
Well, that was about all that happened this week, just your average missionary life, but I had a bit of a crazy experience this morning. We had a zone activity of bowling again today, but before we met with the zone, me and Sister Aroa went to the post office and to withdraw our money. I was feeling fine all morning until we got the withdraw, and I started to feel really sick. I don't know what it was, but I started breaking out in a sweat, and I thought that I would throw up/pass out. We went to this Pizza Hut that was by the bank, and I just felt so terrible, so we sat down for a bit so I could rest. I was so pale and even lifting up my hand took so much effort, until I finally just layed down in the booth and asked Sister Aroa to call our STL's to see what we should do. I really thought that I was going to pass out in the Pizza Hut that actually wasn't even opened yet, and the workers were just talking about us asking why we were even there haha. So I rest for a little bit while we're waiting for teh STL's to get there, and when they do, they bring about half of the elders from our zone with them. Yep, at this point I just wanted to pass out from embarrassment haha. I still felt really weak, so the elders gave me a blessing right there in the pizza hut! It was probably the weirdest and most random hour of my life, going from feeling fine to almost passing out then having about 10 elders crowded around my table to see if I was ok lol. But don't worry, I'm feeling fine now, just a bit tired, and I know that priesthood blessings really work!
Hope ya'll enjoyed that random story, I'll try to be more spiritual next week, my mind is just a little scattered right now from you know the whole pizza hut incident ha. But shout outs to Grandma for the valentines day card, and Sister Behrmann, Elder Dunn, Sara, and Sydney Muldrew for the letters! Also I got the package from Mary Claire and Paisley, ya'll are the best, thank you so much!!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week, keep reading your scriptures and remembering Christ in your life everyday!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Bangerter
Me and Sister Aroa at Mines View in igorot clothes

the bowling activity this morning

Mines View

Igorot clothes at Mines View

FHE with the Vinoya family 

Me and Sister Aroa

My batchmates and me at our bowling activity today 

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