Sunday, February 1, 2015


Kumusta sa inyong lahat!
So I'm really enjoying my new area here in Pacdal! I live in the Ibay's Zion Hotel (It's owned by a member in our ward who I consider to be the Great Gatsby because she's super rich and we never really see her and she feeds us and throws big partys so yeah, the Filipino Gatsby), so pretty much living a life of luxury with all the souvenirs I want right outside my door. But really, it's a tender mercy that I was transferred here, this is a great area to end my mission, and the people here are so prepared too! And my companion is my batch mate Sister Sidwell who I've lived with for 11 months of my mission, and we've always been in the same zone until last transfer, and now we're finally comps! I think my future husband will have a lot of her qualities or something haha. Anyways, I really love my area here, and we have been working hard and found so many people who are really prepared for the gospel, so I'm excited to see how they progress for the time I have here. Also, we taught the most lessons this week that I've taught since being back in the highlands #nottrunky! So the work is going really well and I'm excited to keep preaching the gospel and inviting others to come unto Christ in these last two weeks. I've really been looking back on my whole mission, and I'm so grateful that I chose to come out and serve. My mission has really blessed my life and taught me the importance of living the gospel, and I know that I'll remember what I learned here for the rest of my life. I'm so lucky that I got called to serve in the Philippines, I love this place so much. We had a ward family home evening on Saturday, and as we sang the closing hymn "Famlies Can Be Together Forever", I just looked around the room and wanted to cry seeing all these sweet and humble Filipino's with their families singing proudly in their English accents. I love it here so much, and I've learned so much from the Filipino people. If we were all a little more charitable like the Filipino's are, the world would be a better place.
Next week will be the last time I email before I go back home. This has been a great journey and experience, and I'm so thankful for my mission.
Mahal Ko Kayong Lahat!
Sister Bangerter
Ruado Family in Quezon Hill

Members in Quezon Hill

Bishop Duque's family from QH

De La Pena Family from QH

Me and Sister Sidwell

My new area

My first Ward Mission Leader from my first area in Burnham!

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