Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ano ba!? 1/25/15

Kumusta everyone!
Well this week has been just... magulo haha that's the best I can describe it. I'll start form the beginning.
1. I went down to San Fernando on Monday for the career workshop, and get a call that my companion has pneumonia and will be out for 3 days. She has been really sick since after Christmas, and she went to the hospital and found out it was pheumonia. But don't worry, she's doing great now!
2. I had exchanges in La Trinidad for two days, so the sisters with my companion had a nice day staying in the apartment and making BR pages (book of remembrance pages). Actually, staying in the apartment is really no fun at all. My area has been so kawawa (poor) this whole week :/
3. Had to handle come sisters companionship conflict. Let's just say that I had to climb through a window to talk to one of them, but whatever it takes right! To make a long story short, I've learned that communication is key and when we just talk about our problems, they get resolved a lot faster. That's something that I've really learned on my mission, and I think God has blessed me with the talent of listening which I'm so grateful for and now I've just learned how to not be afraid of confrontation. So yay for no more drama!
4. My investigator in Lingsat got baptized on Saturday! Me and Sister Lunar started teaching Sister Analyn before I got transferred, and she's a boss and has a strong testimony and is so excited to be a member now.
5. Our investigators Jovy and Jean are getting close to their baptismal date of Feb 14! Even though they're young, they really are excited to learn, and they enjoy coming to church. Their grandpa was less active, but now, they always come to church, and I think they will be a big factor in helping their family come back.
6. This week has been so up and down and we didn't get to work a lot, but I really love this area in Quezon Hill and I will miss the people here becasue...I'm getting transferred! For my last three weeks, I will be in Pacdal Ward with Sister Sidwell! Yes, we have been together our entire missions, and now we're finally companions. We were both born in Baguio, and now we'll kill each other in Baguio haha. I've come full circle so many times on my mission now, but I'm still enjoying every moment and curve ball thrown at me. I will remember these experiences for the rest of my life!
Shout outs to Jaycee and Sami for the letters!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
La Trinidad

Me and Sister Steedman

FHE and Deguzmand family

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