Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013-West Campus

So this week has felt super long, but also really fast at the same time. It's been a kind of off week because we moved to West Campus, Raintree, on Tuesday, and we've been adjusting ever since then. I'm not sure if I like West campus as much yet, but I know that I will soon. The food is already 20 times better, so that's nice haha. We now live in the Raintree apartments with another district, so there are 11 of us sisters living together, but it gives us a chance to get to know the other district more. We have a living room too now, which is nice because I can go and work out there in the mornings instead of outside which is freezing cold now! There is snow on the mountains, and I'm just dreading the point when there is snow on the valley too. But Sister Anien has never seen snow before, so that would be cool if it snowed for one day, and then got warm again haha. Good thing I'm going to the Philippines, because I already don't like this cold weather! But the West campus is nice! Our classrooms are a lot smaller, but we are in the same apartment for class as the district older than us, and they are so funny, so we get to hang out with them a lot more now. We also got new missionaries this Wednesday! We got three more districts, one is all sisters, and another is all elders! Sister Sawada and I are the new Sister Training Leaders, so we got to welcome them, and show them around the new campus when they first got here. It was a little funny because, we're still trying to figure out where everything is too, but we can all learn together!
My favorite part of this week has definitely been my scripture studying and devotional time. Elder Clark from the 70 gave the devotional this Tuesday, and he said so many great things! A lot of his talk was about the blessings we get from missionary work, not just for ourselves and investigators, but how it can bless our families back home too. I know that this is true, because I've already seen how my family has been blessed! Mom, I'm so excited for you getting that perfect house, and that Brigham is coming home from his mission today!! The Lord really is mindful of all of us, and He will never let us down! Then during my scripture study yesterday, I randomly opened and started reading in Alma 38, and I felt like the whole chapter was talking about my life! It was so awesome, and I want all of you to read it!
Ok well yeah, this week wasn't too exciting, sorry! But I do have a new address now, so make sure to keep writing me! It's
Sister Stacey Bangerter
Oct 21 PHI-BAG
2025 N 900 E Unit 920
Provo, UT 84604
and you can still write me dear elders, but make sure that you choose West MTC!
I love you all so much, thanks for the letters and the packages Mom and Tammi!!
Alam ko po na Diyos ang ating ama sa langit, at totoo ang simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling Araw!

Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter

Car that says "We love us some Texas"!

my district

Picture of my kasamas at the temple!

Picture of my kasama at the temple!

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