Friday, October 4, 2013

Pinaka Maganda Araw!-October 4, 2013

So this has been the best week of the mission so far, and today was definitely the best day ever! Ok, I'll start from the beginning though. So last week was kind of lame, and hard. I felt like I wasn't progressing with the language, we moved to West Campus in the middle of the week and I didn't know where anything was and had to adjust to it being so different here, and then we got a whole bunch of new missionaries that I had to meet and get to know. So yeah, last week was kind of crazy and slow, but during our district meeting, we decided to make some new goals and try our hardest to keep them this time. So from Sunday on, I could tell a huge difference in my attitude and progress with the language and my teaching. We had an awesome devotional Sunday night about temples that made me so happy and grateful to be able to go inside the Lord's house, and receive the blessings from the temple. Go to the temple this week! It's the greatest place on this Earth, and you can feel God so closely there, I love it! We haven't gotten to go to the temple the past two weeks and I'm getting withdrawals, I just want to go back so bad!
Then some other cool things that made this week so great were my district, of course, and getting to go to Brigham's Landing haha. I love my district so much, we have gotten so close just these past few weeks, and they are like my family here at the MTC. We got the elders to give us blessings, and that has bonded us even more, not to mention that Elder Waldren's family sent us cupcakes. You can always buy my love with food haha. But my district is amazing! Then the best thing about West Campus is defintely going to Burger Supreme and Great Harvest, it's nice to have real food every once in a while, but sad that I consider fast food real food now haha oh well. I'm just ready for the rice in the Philippines, that will be the best! But the food here at the West campus is actually a lot better than at the Main campus. The cafeteria people are super nice, and they remember all of us Pilipino missionaries, the head cafeteria guy even gave us some fresh peaches from the farmers market that he had gotten the other day, they were delicious!
My classes are going great here, I feel like I am learning how to speak gospel stuff in Tagalog really well, but I can't really carry a normal conversation yet haha. I didn't realize this until we had our first English fast this week, and the whole day was pretty much silent because none of us knew how to talk to one another! But now I'm learning more words that will help me to carry a conversation. I know that I can bare my testimony though and talk about the Book of Mormon, so that's all that I really need to know right now. Our lessons with our investigators have gotten a lot better I fell like. We have started to take only notes in English with us to teach, so that we are forced to translate on the spot if we can't remember, and it has helped so much! I'ts amazing how I can always feel the spirit during my lessons even when I can't understand what the investigator or my kasama's are saying. The church is true people! But other than classes, my favorite part of the day is gym time. The gym is pretty pitiful here at West. There's only basketball hoops, four square, and a sand volleyball court. I like to play volleyball here, but there is one Elder from another district in my zone who is terrifying to play with. He's from the Marshall Islands and doesn't speak english that well, and he had a pretty rough upbringing. He used to be a knife fighter and sometimes, steals butter knifes from the cafeteria and goes around pretending to stab people, it's a little creepy, but you just have to laugh it off I guess haha. But he always plays volleyball with us, and he will just hit the ball as hard as he can, not caring if he hits anyone. He's really good, but when he gets set, I literally run off the court because I don't want to get hit my him haha it brings some adrenaline to our gym time that's for sure!
But even though this has been a great week, today was the best day because I got to see Brigham after TWO WHOLE YEARS!! I was so excited and it felt unreal, I couldn't believe that I was finally able to see him again! He definitely has some mexican in him now because his English was a lot slower, and he pronounced some words wrong haha. I just can't believe that we've switched roles basically now with me being the missionary and him at home. I think he's still more of a missionary than I am at the moment, but I'll get to that point too haha. He gave me some great advice about being a missionary! Brigham, you're such a great example to me and I'm so happy that I could see you even if it was just for an hour. I hope that you enjoy being back home, and get used to not being with a companion 24/7 haha.
This week will continue to get even better though because of General Conference this weekend! I am so excited, I've been looking forward to it since I got into the MTC. So this is why I'm emailing today instead of on Saturday becasue we won't have a P day because of general conference. I am so grateful though for this opportunity that we have to be able to listen to the prophet and his apostles, and hear the Lord's counsel through His servants. My branch presidency asked us to write down some things we want to learn more about from conference as we watch and listen this year. My three things were to be able to increase my testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration, Priesthood power, and the Book of Mormon. I want you all to think of what you want to learn more about from general conference, and I know that you will receive an answer. The Lord is real and He loves us and will answer our prayers and questions that we have. Have faith and trust in the Lord and our Savior and you will be masaya! I love this church, and I know that it is true :)
Thanks so much for the letters! I know it's kind of confusing to write me now that I'm at West campus, but if you sent it to the main campus I will still get it, it just takes longer. But special shout outs to Katie, Sara, Shanoah, and Sydney for writing me and sending me packages, I love it so much, ya'll are the best!

Mahal Kita!
Sister Bangerter
Finally seeing Brigham! Reunited and it feels so good!!

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