Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time Flies!-November 17, 2013

Wow this week went by so fast! Sorry if I freaked ya'll out with my last email, things are much better now and I have a few funny stories from this past week! So this week was really good. I'm starting to get more used to missionary life and my companion and I are getting closer and closer. I'm so lucky to have such a great first companion, and we have a lot of fun together. She helps me to not be lazy and work hard constantly and we have been teaching with the ward missionaries a lot so when we're all together we have a lot of fun and our lessons are powerful! We taught like 24 lessons this week, it was so great and helped me to forget about myself and focus on the people. Still though, despite our good lessons, not that many less actives came to church, but people are still coming back so that's the best! I really love teaching in lessons even though I get way nervous before hand. Sister Lazan is letting me lead most of the lessons now, and my favorite one to teach is the Restoration. When I recount Joseph Smith's first vision, I can feel the spirit so strongly and even if our investigators might not believe that he's a prophet, I gain a stronger testimony that he is everytime I teach and testify of him. This gospel is really so great!
Well some interesting things that happened this week, I finally experience seeing a GIANT spider. Like it was bigger than my hand and so scary! SIster Lazan and I were just eating dinner when she looks at the wall and notices a spider, she wasn't freaking out so I thought it would be small, but it was about as big as the clock on the wall! I wish I had a picture to show you, but it really wouldn't do it justice haha. So of course, I couldn't do anything else until the spider was dead, but we were all too afraid to kill it. Sister Lazan being the only Filipino got chsen to kill it haha but she was afraid too. We spend the next hour screaming, spraying it with permatox and freaking out haha. Finally, we got it off the wall, but then it was hiding behind the bookshelf, until it literally ran out and charged at us! We were all standing on chairs and screaming, but good ole' sister Lazan killed it with the broom. It's shriveled up outside our apartment now as a constant reminder of the scariest moment of my life. Actually, I think when I see a giant frog that will be the scariest moment ever haha. But that defintely brought all of us, my house mates included a lt closer haha hopefully that's the one and only spider story I have!
There are some families here in our ward that are so good to us and feed us everytime we go over there. The food here is so good, like I don't think I can express how good it is you just need to come to the Philippines and try it. Everything is so fresh, and I eat all my my vegetables and even like pickles and some eggs now! There is a woman in the ward we call Mommy Bennet, and I wish I could just take her back to America with me. Everytime we see her, she talks to us for hours and then makes us te best food. She's the reason I like pickles becasue she makes her own haha so masarap! And then the Milanes family always cooks for us everytime we go over there, they're the reason I like fish now too, and vegetables haha. But later tonight, I will try the weird stuff like the infamous balut and a 1 day old chick, so we'll see if I still really like Filipino food then haha. But the weirdest thing I've eaten so far was cow skin, a salted egg, and fish oil, but even then, those weren't too bad.
So this week was a great week, and I even gave my first talk at church! It was on humility which was really good because it made me learn how I can be more humble in helping this ward and the people in our area. My talk was 90% in English haha but church is funny here because it's mostly English. It's a little hard for me to speak Tagalog sometimes becasue everyone can speak and understand english, but I am going to force myself to speak it more becasue how sad would it be if I never learned the language on my mission! But I can do it, through patience and humility to the Lord, He will help me.
I hope that you're all doing well back home. I love you and miss you and pray for all of you. I am so happy to be here though and I wouldn't trade any of my expereiences for anything. Here are three things that I've learned the most from my 4 weeks sa Philippines
1. Always do my visiting teaching
2. Go to ALL 3 hours of church
and 3. Don't judge
I know that if I at least do these three things, my life and the lives of others will be blessed!
Before I go, Mom, Dad, and Brig, I'm sending ya'll a Christmas present so be watching out for that. I'll send it to Mom's house, and I hope you like it :). Also, happy late birthday to Mom, Dori, and Sydney Muldrew! Sorry Stephane, Kelsey, and Tatie Yva for missing yours, as well as everyone else that I forgot to mention, but know that I remembered but just forgot to email about it! I love you all thanks for your prayers! And if you want to contact me, writing letters works the best I think, or I can print off your emails too :)
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
Boodle fight (aka eating everything with your hands)

The ward missionaries 

The ward missionaries 

Mines View

Foooood (cow skin, eggs, and fish)

Banana Q so masarap!

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