Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pinaka Week! 11/24/13

Wow so a lot happened this week, and each week keeps getting better and better! So I'll start off by letting you know that I finally ate Balot! We had FHE at the Milanes home and the ward missioaries made all the foreign missionaries eat all the weird street foods of the Philippines. I was excited to try it all, but once I saw it, I got a little scared. I ate dinuguan (pig blood and innards), fish ball, chicken intestine, chicken head, kikian (mystery meat that's in flour and fried), chicken feet, and balot. For those of you who don't know what balot is, its a duck egg with the little baby duck in it. That was the last thing I ate, and each step progressively got worse. Surprisingly, the worst thing was the chicken head, just imagine and actual fried chicken head with the brain and all in there, yeah couldn't really do that one. And then the balot was last, and I wish someone would have told me how to eat it correctly because instead of swallowing the little baby duck and then eating the yoke like you're supposed to, I ate the whole thing at once, and it was not a fun experience. I was gagging hard core, but I ate it and I'm so proud to say that I ate balot haha. Yeah now I've had some of the best and worst food in the Philippines, but it was such a fun night with no regrets!
So this week was great not only because I tried balot. but we have been working really hard and we even got 2 people to get a baptismal date! I'm so excited for this family and I really hope and pray that everything works out and they will be baptized this December! I had a lot of training this week with zone training and then stake conference here this weekend. I'm really learning the importance of obedience not only to the mission rules, but to the commandments of the Lord. I want to be exactly obedient so that I will be blessed here in the mission and throughtout my life. The mission is still way hard with no one really progresssing, but I think that I was put in this area to start off with so that I can grow in my testimony and converstion becasue every day is a struggle with people not keeping their commitments. I have learned to love to be obedient, to love reading my scriptures and always pray for strength because I can only be made strong through the lord. My testimony is stronger than it ever has been before, and I'm learning to really love the people here that I'm serving.
I think my favorite part of this week though was our stake conference, Elder Ardern came, and it was the best stake conferenec I've ever been to. He and his wife along with the other speakers all talked about how we can hasten the work and how missionaries and members need to work with one another to rescue those less actives and to trust us missionaries to teach their friends. I know that missionary work is so important and we need the help of the members in order to be successful in our purpose. I love proclaiming the gospel, and I really want to rescue those who have stopped coming to church. Elder Ardern told us that the baptismal rates in the Philippines has dropped drastically over the past 2 years, and people are falling away. It's our job to rescue them, to bring others to salvation and eternal life that only the gospel provides. I am proud to be hastening the work at this time, and I know that with the help of the members now, we will have more success and progression.
Thank you all for your prayers and support I really need it, but things are getting much better here everyday. I love my companion, I love Baguio, I love Burnham first ward and I'm excited to bring others unto Christ!
Thanks Mom and Tami for the packages, it made my whole week! Also I got all the letters and dear elders from Paisley, Karina, Katie, Sara, MC, Brooklyn, and Dori, thanks so much and expect a letter soon! I love you all
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
FHE with the Milanes family and ward missionaries

Sister Sidwell and I, we're batch mates/house mates

About to eat the balot!
Chicken head

eating chicken feet

eating balot, sick taste but I did it!

Sister Nena was so proud of me

Stake conference for Baguio stake

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