Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!-1/5/14

Kumusta pamilya at kaibigam lahat!
Wow, this week went by super fast! I can already tell that time will fly after my 12 Weeks training! But I'm getting pretty excited for this next transfer, I need some change haha but life is great right now!
The beginning of the week was kind of slow because of New Years. Filipinos go hard on new years, even more than for Christmas haha. So we had a ton of dinner appointments at the beginning of the week, and then curfews at 7. On the 31st, there were already fireworks going off at about 10 PM, and Sister Lazan warned me that it would be worse at midnight. She was definitely right! At 12 exactly, it sounded like world war 3 was happening outside, I was slightly scared for my life, especially when I could smell smoke and a firecracker hit our roof and it sounded like explosions in our house haha. But all was well,and luckily I sleep like a rock, so I could go back to sleep. And it was way funny to see all the remnants of the fireworks the next day all throughout the city. Maybe next year I'll look out my window to see what's really happening out there.
But after new years, the rest of the week flew by becasue Sister Lazan went down to San Fernando for some leadership training for three days. I'm pretty positive that she will be an STL after she trains me, she's so good! But while she was gone, I was in a trisome with Sister Bircher and Sister Sidwell. I was pretty nervous because the three of us are Americans, and me and Sister Sidwell have only been here for 10 weeks, and Sister Bircher is just 12 weeks ahead of us. But those three days were so fun! I realized that I actually know a lot more Tagalog than I gave myself credit for, and the gift of tongues is real! Especially on the day when Sister Sidwell and I were companions cause Sister Bircher had a trainers training. Throughout the entire day, we spoke Tagalog in all of the lessons, and even understood what people were saying back to us! It was amazing and definitely gave me faith that I will be able to speak Tagalog before I end my mission. The Lord will not let me fail, and I'll learn the language in His time and when I need it. God is good, always!
So this week has been super great, and what made it even better was our two investigators passed their baptismal interview, so this saturday, we will have a wedding and a baptism! Their names are Melan and Virginia Valdez, and they are seriously one of the golden people that everyone told me about. Me and Sister Lazan found them within my first few weeks of being in the field, and it was a little hard to get them to attend church at first, but once they started coming, they knew it was the church for them. Sometimes I swear they teach us the lessons, they just totally accept and understand everything about the gospel, and they're so excited to be baptized and be sealed in the temple a year from now! I really hope that I can be there for their sealing, and I know that they will remain strong members.I know that I was supposed to be in Baguio mission for their family, I love them so much, and that's really what missionary work is all about. Loving the people and seeing how the gospel blesses their lives!
I love my mission so much, everyday gets better and better, even when I have some down moments, it's always happy at the end of the day becasue I'm on the Lord's errand. There is really so much to be thankful for everyday, and I know that this is where I'm supposed to be!
Dad, I got your Christmas package haha thanks so much! And thanks for the letter Grandma! I also want to say happy birthday to Elder White, JQ, and Sister Sawada, I hope that ya'll had a great birthday!
Thanks for your love and prayers everyone, it reminds me why I'm here!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
Me and the cutest little banana!
FHE with the Milanes family
Lunch at the Pablo's house

Sister Bircher, Sister Sidwell, and me wearing our clothes Mommy Bennet gave us

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