Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Love Gaerlan Family! 06/22/2014

Kumusta everyone!
My email is dedicated to the Gaerlan Family this week because they are probably my favorite people in this whole country, and I'll tell you why.
1.Leonardo and Elena Gaerlan were baptized when I first transferred here to Agoo, and they have been the strongest converts I've ever met! They have such a strong testimony of this gospel and they're not afraid to live it and share it.
2.Their son, Erick Gaerlan will be baptized this Saturday! He has come a long way and really wants to change his life so that he can too live the gospel and be sealed with this family in the temple. I bet he'll go on a mission one day too, I hope he does! I know that his testimony could change lives!
3.You can tell when someone is really converted to the gospel by their desire to share it, and Brother Gaerlan has that desire! In this week alone, he's given us several referral's, come to lessons with us, and brought a ton of people to church this sunday including his mother, niece, and the kids of one of our investigators. When we talked to him after church, he was telling us that he is just going about doing Christ's work and he wants his friends to be happy like he is. Brother Gaerlan is truly converted to this gospel!
I truly love the people that I've had the privilege to serve here in the Philippines, and I'm so glad that I was assigned in Agoo so that I could meet wonderful families like the Gaerlan's and I know that they have influenced my life more than I could have done for them. There are so many families that I've met here that I love and adore, and I know that I had to go on my mission so that I could be friends with these people for the eternities.
For some random news, we had a conference in Baguio and I got to see my old companions Sister Sawada and Sister Hatch again, so that was really great! I took some pictures, but my SD card is corrupted so I'll have to send them next week. Also, I found out that I have a bacterial infection in my eye haha but no worries, just gotta be 4 eyes for a couple of weeks and then I'll be fine again!
The work here is great and I'm loving this area, I know that the Lord and the Gaerlan family are preparing so many people for us right now, and I'm excited to go to work!
Shout outs to Mary Claire, Hermana Minnick, and Sami for the letters, be expecting some mail soon!
I love you and all and pray that you may be preparing people for the missionaries to teach too!
Mahal Kita.
Sister Bangerter

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