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Welcome Tagulan! 06/09/14

Kumusta everyone!
So I'm a little late this P-Day cause we just had a super legit zone activity where we went to some waterfalls! It was some intense hiking and rock climbing, but no one got hurt luckily, and it was so beautiful! I've been waiting my whole mission to do a super fun activity like this, and it definitely didn't disappoint.
Anyways, this was a really great week of missionary work as always and we had a couple of exciting things spice up the week a bit. First of all, I went on exchanges with my sister in the mission (my trainer trained her and then me) Sister Spjut! It was probably one of the most fun days that I've had so far, and nice having no language barrier ha. And then Sister Sidwell turned 20 this week, and we had an FHE with our Branch President's family on her birthday. They had a little surprise for her of pictures of her since she was a baby until now and a little brithday video at the end from her family, it was really nice and made me excited for my birthday on the mission, I already feel so old now!
Well after writing that, I guess it doesn't seem that exciting, but I promise it was! Then of course we had a lot of good teaching opportunities this week, and we're working really hard on trying to meet the Standard of Excellence of our mission each week, so we're working on being really diligent and using our time to the fullest. I've learned especially, that's it's really important to constantly be finding new investigators who are really prepared and ready to accept this gospel. This was made apparently clear, when we went to teach one of our investigators for the 2nd or 3rd time. When we got there, they tried to hide, and then the Mom left without talking to us. So we taught the daughters, but they were just laughing the entire lesson and not taking it seriously. I really understood what Elder Holland meant in his talk about being a disciple of Christ and sometimes we may have to face ridicule for our beliefs. A part of me just wanted to storm off and leave as soon as I could because it was apparent they didn't care. But as mad as I felt in that moment, I just thought to myself how much more Christ grieves for them. All people have their agency to accept it, but it's not my right to pick and choose who deserves the gospel, because it's for everyone.
So despite some mean investigators, this week was still great, I know the Lord is guiding our work and leading us to those who are prepared to accept it. I've really learned too, that the Spirit is the teacher and the guide, I'd be nothing without Him. This was again made apparent to me when I had to give an on the spot talk this sunday at church! One of the speakers didn't show up, so they asked one of the missionaries to give it while we were in Relief Society. My companion was going to, but then during our Gospel Essentials class, she tells me she can't because she's sick and her throat is scratchy ha. So I spent like 10 minutes writing down some bullet points to give a talk in Tagalog about missionary work. I was doing some serious praying for sure within that class hour and during the sacrament. I was the first one to speak, and I ended up talking for about 10-15 minutes! The spirit was on my side Sunday for sure :)
Well I love you all, and I hope you know that I'm really enjoying my mission. Sometimes it's hard for me to really describe in these emails all that I do each day and throughout the week, but it all leads to the same thing. I'm on the Lord's errand and loving His gospel and learning how to really live it each and every day. I know this church is true and puts us on the path to eternal salvation with our families. That's what's most important to me. I love you family ( you should write me more ;)!)
Shout out to Mom for always sending me packages, you're the best and I love you soooo much!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
Sister Sidwell's Birthday!

Buko juice (aka coconut)

Hanging Bridge

Hiking to the falls

Hiking to the falls

Hiking to the falls

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