Monday, April 14, 2014

Agoo 3A! 4/14/14

Kumusta family and friends!
Wow so I am currently sitting here in a computer shop in my first new area! To give you a clue, sweat is dripping down my face as I type this, so yes, I finally got called to the lowlands! It's a little too bad I had to leave the summer capital of the Philippines in the peak of summer haha but despite the heat, I love it here so much already! My new area is in a small branch in Agoo. My companion is Sister Hatch from Alberta, Canada, so this is both of our first times to be with foreigners as companions. She's just six weeks behind me, but it super magaling (expert) we're going to have fun for sure! I miss the people in my last area, but I'm really excited to be here and I already love the branch members and even all the people that I've met here so far. I feel like I finally started my real mission in the Philippines haha this is how I expected it, hot, sweaty, and with the nicest people! And, I've already had some really memorable moments here in just my first few days. 1.When you're two white girls walking around in a little town in the Philippines with giant yellow umbrellas (this is a new rule because of the heat), sometimes people tell you that they've always wanted to marry an American haha yep not going back to that potential investigator again! Also, I'm getting to ride in tricycles for the first time and they're so fun, but really hard to get in and out of. Also, I've never had to carry around a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off of my face before, and I'm realizing the beauty of using baby powder, that's a life saver! Lot's of historical moments here on the mission!
But on a more spiritual note, I hope that ya'll got to watch general conference last week. We're a week behind here in the Pines, but I was so excited to finally get to watch it, and all the talks were amazing. You can bet I noticed the constant use of Helaman 5:12 during the Saturday session (favorite scripture for the win!). Some of my favorites though were President Uchtdorf's about gratitude, and Elder Bednar's about spiritual traction and the need of burdens or "loads". I'm so grateful for this counsel and I know that it's exactly what I needed to hear. Something that I'm learning more than ever on my mission is how to be truly grateful, especially in times of down. I've had a lot of really humbling experiences, and I continue to be humbled everyday. I know that this is something that I need to work on, and I'm grateful to be here learning how to develop Christlike attributes and be uplifted from the amazing testimonies of those that we teach. I hope that you all will read and apply these conference talks to your lives. I know that modern revelation is true and necessary for us to progress, and I'm so grateful to be a part of a church with a true and living prophet. We really are so blessed by the power of the priesthood and our living prophet and apostles.
This has been a really great week, and I'm excited to get working hard here in my new area in preperation for our goal of 100 baptisms in May! Shout outs to Sara, Shanoah, and Sami for the letters, and Mom and Dad for the packages!! I love you all and have a great week!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Bangerter
FHE Velasco family in Baguio

Our investigators Korrin and Daudin in Baguio

Just wanted to show how I'm a beast at jumping pictures

My new batch mates and MTC district friends on transfer day, S. Tapusoa and S. Sawada

My new companion S. Hatch

The sisters in Agoo 3A branch (me and S. Sidwell are still housemates!)

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