Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nakakabaliw 08/17/2014

Kumusta everyone,
This week has been a super emotional week for me for many reasons, but I'll start with the good stuff first. So right now, I'm sitting in San Fernando, I've been transferred to the San Fernando Ward here in the heart of the mission basically because San Fernando is where the mission office is with all of the leaders and President Balledos. I got the call on Wednesday morning that I would be transferred here into an open area, and my companion will be SISTER TAPUSOA! I couldn't hold back my excitement when President told me that. Sister Tapusoa was in my MTC district, and we've literally written each other our entire missions saying that we're going to be companions one day, and then it finally happened! But the only catch was that she was at the missionary recovery center in Manila because she has had knee problems from her torn ACL. But President told me that Sister Tapusoa would be back on Saturday, so I wasn't too worried about it. Since Thursday, my birthday was transfer day, I spent my last day in Agoo as if it was my birthday. We went and ate waffles for lunch of course, and then later that night we had FHE with President Mariano's family. It was really fun, and they invited the Abuan family over, so it was so nice to spend time with them before I had to leave. So I'm considering Wednesday to be my birthday now, because my birthday wasn't really the best day ever.
Now for the bad news, so on transfer day/ my birthday, we got down to transfer point, and I found out more news about Sister Tapusoa's situation. Her knee is in pretty bad shape, and if she has to get surgery, she will have to go home. We've waited for 11 months, and when we're finally supposed to be companions, she might have to go home. Nothing was definite yet but the rest of my day was spent without a companion, being in a few trisomes and crying over the fact that my best friend in the mission might have to go home. So this pretty much sums up the past few days for me, being split between my open area and the STL's area or the other sisters in my ward. I've been living out of several bags in between about three houses since Thursday, and I'm just ready for some stability in my life again.
These past few days have been really hard for me, I've done a lot of thinking, and I'm not proud to say, but a lot of crying about the situation. What I do know now though is that Sister Tapusoa will be back here later today. I'm so excited to see her, and we will be companions until her visa comes in and she will go back to the States for surgery. I know that everything that happens on my mission is for a reason and that my mission President is an inspired man. I am still really sad that Sister Tapusoa will have to go home, but I'm so grateful that I get to be the one to be with her until the end. I'm so grateful for all of the people that I've met on my mission, and for some of the best friends that I've made here too. With each transfer and companion that I have, I realize more and more how much the Lord loves me and trusts me with the companions that I have and the areas that I have as well. I know that God has a perfect plan for all of His missionaries, I'm ready to spend this next transfer with my bestfriend working as hard as I can to bring souls unto Christ.
Thank you so much for the letters Sister Todd, Sami, Brooklyn, Sister Behrmann, Grandma, and Mary Claire, and also the packages Mom, Dad, and MC and Pais! I got them all on my birthday so perfect timing! And Thank you so much everyone in my birthday video, it was adorable and I loved it!!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
Waffles on my birthday!

Waffles on my birthday!

Abuan Family 

FHE with the Mariano's and Abuan's

FHE with the Mariano's and Abuan's

Sister Sidwell on transfer day

Sister Panganiban

Sister Aroa, my last companion in Baguio

Sister Spjut

Batch mates at transfer point

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