Sunday, September 7, 2014

Magulo Pa Rin! 09/07/2014

Kumusta sa inyong lahat!
Well the craziness hasn't stopped yet! This has seriously been the most magulo transfer of my mission! So I thought last week that I would be staying in a trisome with Sister Parker and Sister Rea, but then on Friday morning during our studies, we got a call from the AP that I would be transferred to Bauang with Sister Bircher for the rest of this transfer, and then come back to San Fernando Zone. So I now have my fourth companion of the transfer, and it will only be for about two and a half weeks, but we're really happy to be together and our area is awesome!
So a little about my companion, Sister Bircher was my first housemate in Baguio in my first area. She's only 12 weeks ahead of me in the mission, and we became good friends in my first area, so things have been really fun in Bauang, and we're excited to be together! She's had a really crazy transfer too, probably more than me. She had kidney stones and had to go to Manila to have an operation, then once she got back, she was only with her companion for a week before she got emergency transferred, then her new companion went home for homesickness. So we are both very happy to be settled and have each other as companions. It's basically an open area here too becasue she hasn't had much time to work in her own area with all these switches, but the branch is super nice and the people here are just golden! We already have a couple of families who are so prepared for baptism with huge testimonies, so I'm excited to get to know them better and work hard for the time that I have here in this area!
Sorry my brain is really scattered at the moment, but as you can tell, this whole transfer has been pretty scattered! Next week, I'll have some great stories about the people we're teaching so just get excited for those!
Well, to end this, here are some randoms from my week:
1. We still had the mumps or whatever it was for a good week until I got transferred. I think I've watched every church movie in my old apartment, and I'm officially in love with the new EFY CD.
2. Tried my first Tim Tam Slam and considering moving to Australia because of it
3. Realized that I can cook :)
4. Our district leader compared us to Job...
5. And Happy late Birthday Brigham, I hope you got my card!
6. I'm almost a year on the mission!
Ok I love ya'll, sorry for this random email,
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter

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