Monday, September 1, 2014

May Sakit Kami 9/1/2014

So there's really not much for me to say this week either. Tuesday and Wednesday, I went on exchanges with my companions since they're the STL's and oh my goodness it was the most exhausting thing ever! But it was fun getting to be with Sister Sidwell again for a day. We've been kabahay our entire mission until now so it was nice to hang out with her again. Then on Wednesday, we went and worked in my old ward in San Fernando with Sister Santa Maria. Once we got back on Thursday though, Sister Parker came down with the mumps (none of us are really sure what that is yet) so we couldn't go out and work that day because her face was swollen and she really wasn't feeling well. On Friday, we were all pumped to go out and work hard since we couldn't on Thursday. We had a couple lessons in the morning, but then Sister Parker was feeling dizzy again, so we came home and rested for her to get better. Then by Saturday and Sunday, we were all infected. So these past four days we've been best friends with our pillows and just trying to wait it out. It got so bad that we couldn't even stay for all of sacrament meeting on Sunday, so pray that all of us will feel better so that we can work hard this week to make up for the time that we lost. I've never wanted to leave the apartment so badly even if it's either raining or a million degrees outside! Being sick has definitely made me realize that no matter how exhausting the work can get, I'd much rather be out sharing the gospel with others than confined in my apartment. But I do love my companions so even though it's been a slow week, it was great getting to know them better and I'm grateful for our companionship!
Sorry not much to say, but we are teaching a Korean lady, and it's in ENGLISH! Yeah I was having a major nose bleed in that lesson, even just to say the prayer in all English, I sometimes feel like it's my second language now ha.
Well I love you all and hope that you never get the mumps or whatever they are!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
Exchanges with Sister Sidwell

My Companions Sister Rae and Sister Parker (people call us the Power Puff Sisters ha)

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