Monday, October 6, 2014

Ang Bilis ng Panahon! 10/6/2014

Kumusta everyone!
Wow, I cannot believe that it's already October, seriously the months just fly by and it's blowing my mind! Anyways, I feel like so much happened this week, but not really at the same time. Half of the week was spent in meetings, so our area suffered a little bit, but we were still able to meet almost all of our goals and we had one of the best Sundays ever, but I'll get to that in a second.
1.MLC- this week I had my first missionary leadership council which is where all the leaders in the mission meet together and discuss how we can improve as a mission and help to motivate the other missionaries. Normally it's just one day, but since there were a lot of new leaders called, we had it for two days and all the STL's stayed at our apartment. It was great because I got to hang out with two of my favorite past companions Sister Sawada and Sister Aroa who are both STL's now too! But MLC was great, I learned a lot about how to lead through example and we even changed the Standard of Excellence of the mission, so it was really cool to be a part of that change. It's crazy to think that this will my third Standard of Excellence since I've been here, I'm really getting old on the mission now!
So since we had MLC for two days, we didn't have as much time this week to go out and teach in our area which was sad, but the work that we did do was so amazing!
2. Sister Jay- so Sister Jay is a Korean woman who has been an investigator for a while. We started teaching her by reading stories from the Book of Mormon because that's how she understands best. It's really hard to teach someone who doesn't believe in God, but she likes the stories and is starting to see how they can apply to her. This week, we read about the people of Alma in Mosiah and their trials. As we taught, she didn't have that many questions, but just liked how the Lord blessed them in their trials. Throughout the lesson, I just thought to myself that she will never progress unless she feels the spirit and feels that this can apply to her. Then, she said the closing prayer, and it was the most sincere she had ever been, and she said that she hoped that what she read was true. When she closed, she just began to cry. We were silent for a while as we let the spirit sink in, and she told us that she just really hopes that what we are teaching is true. Sister Jay is starting to feel the spirit, and I know that hope is the starting point of faith and belief!
3.Agtos Family- so since we had so little time to work in our area, we were really concerned about how we would meet our goals for finding 5 new investigators in the week. This is the hardest for me to find, especially when so many missionaries have picked over our area. But we stopped at the house of an investigator who we haven't been able to teach in a while, and then left with 6 new investigators from the one family! The one we originally went to teach ( the grandmother) was busy, but we met her son, his nephews, and his kids, and they were all really interested and committed to come to church. Then on Sunday, they actually came to church! Not only that, but brother Mario, the father, brought his other nephews that we hadn't even met yet! So we had 6 investigators at church, mostly from one family too!
So this week was really great, I just love my mission more and more each day, I can't imagine what I would be like if I didn't serve, especially here in the Philippines.
Shout outs to Paisley and Kelsey, hope ya'll had great birthdays! And thanks for the letters Grandma and Sister Behrmann, love ya'll!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter

PS-I dyed my hair, pics next week :)

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