Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy December! 12/7/2014

Kumusta everyone!
This week once again went by so fast. We had MLC on Tuesday and President is making a lot of changes here in the mission! Not only do we have a new Standard of Excellence, but we are changing the way we have our meeting and conferences as well as transfer day even. It's all good change though and it focused to help us to use our time wisely and to be more accountable for our work and achieve our mission goal of 100 baptisms a month. If there's one thing I've learned on my mission, it's how to be flexible, so I'm going to embrace all this change and I'm excited to see how our work improves because of it. I love my mission President, he is truly inspired and is really helping our mission to live up to its potential. I'm grateful that I get to be here at this time, and I know that I was called to the Baguio Mission for a reason.
Other exciting things that happened this week, I got to have exchanges with Sister Dial, the only other Texan sister in the mission (she's from Austin), so yes it was a great day, and yes we did talk about all the things we miss in Texas, and yes we both agreed that it truly is the greatest state and promised land #proudtobeatexan. So it was a really fun day and she's a great missionary, she used to be an STL and she is leaving this transfer, but she's super diligent and we were able to teach 8 lessons that day and extend baptismal invitations so I learned a lot from her. We just said that it was too bad we only met at the very end of her mission, but let's be honest we probably would have gotten pretty trunky together with all of our talk about Texas ha.
The work here in our area is still progressing nicely, and we had a way good Sunday! Almost all of our IBD's came to church, and we were so happy cause the past few weeks we haven't had any investigators at church. But I am really seeing great progression in these people, and I know that January will be a great month of baptisms! We are still working with Gab for his baptism in December. We haven't had any contact with him or his Mom, Alalaine, for the past two weeks becasue Alalaine left her phone in Baguio :/. So we were kind of freaking out, but they were at church yesterday and we got Gab's number (luckily 9 year olds have cell phones these days) and we will be seeing him this week and helping him prepare for baptism, so please pray that all goes well for Gab!
Happy Birthday shout outs to Elyse, Bianca, and my former comp Sister Hatch, love ya'll!
Also, thanks for the package Mom, we now have Christmas decorations in our apartment, but it's nothing compared to the way you decorate the house!
I love you all, keep sharing the gospel and the Gift of Christ this Christmas season.
Mahal Kita,
Sister Bangerter
My Batchmates at MLC

My previous comps S.Aroa in Baguio, S. Lunar now, and S. Sawada from the MTC

Me and Sister Dial

Me and Sister Dial

The Lingsat district

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